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[15 Jul 2018|11:34pm]
Looking for a writer who would be interested in trying out a threesome line.
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[16 Jul 2018|01:24am]


chris argent or derek hale for a tw line?
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[15 Jul 2018|10:13pm]


Life is Strange or Stranger Things lines? Looking for het. Can play most males from both series.
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[15 Jul 2018|08:02pm]


Danny Gallagher or John Kennex?
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[15 Jul 2018|02:22pm]


I have an MCU Doctor Strange here, looking for a Wanda to write against. Can be at any point in the timelime - either after Civil War when the Avengers are trying to lay low, or after Infinity War. I'm sure either way we can brainstorm something fun! I am looking for this to be more than a gen line, and adult scenes are fine to include.

Let me know if you're interested, I'll make customs for discussion.
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Supernatural slash lines [15 Jul 2018|09:36am]


After some time away, I would love to get back into rping with this necromancer. I had a great line with a Derek Theler face once upon a time and could love to play against his face again but I’m definitely open to other faces.

I have some storyline ideas in my journal that I’d love to play out.
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[15 Jul 2018|09:41am]


Anyone interested in a little line with a tall, goofy, nerdy, hyperactive guy who talks a mile a minute, has enthusiasm for days, and has been single for like, five years?

(I've been mildly obsessed with his YouTube channel and am dying to play him / PB him or a similar character. Other YouTubers welcome, or not - originals or RPS, I don't mind what!)
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[15 Jul 2018|12:17am]


Anyone want to do a casual Pokémon line? PBs, slash, preferably played over gdocs. Email or screened comment! Thugcorpseinc@gmail.com
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[15 Jul 2018|01:20pm]


I'm taking this guy to [info]samoismod as the head chef. Would love some or all of his restaurant staff, people for him to always bring food to (he's a nurturer like that), maybe his ex boyfriend for something messy? Gotham castmates and anyone from any version of Star Trek would be adored.
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[14 Jul 2018|10:12pm]


A guy for my Amish boy to meet during rumspringa and lose his virginity to? Would love for this to be a long term line that we can brainstorm on for something smutty with plot. Journals or discord.
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[14 Jul 2018|01:25pm]
[info]provincetownma who is wanted? anyone want to go with?
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[14 Jul 2018|08:00am]


Looking to possibly rekindle an arranged marriage for this guy at [info]provincetownma
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[14 Jul 2018|10:19am]


Looking for a Bucky for my Steve!
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[13 Jul 2018|09:56pm]


Looking for any marvel men, wanting to explore a slash poly relationship? Sex, plot, fun. Happy to work on dynamics. Open to others too.
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[13 Jul 2018|11:42pm]


I'm looking for someone that would be interested in a line set in Ancient Egypt, based somewhat on the 'Tut' series Spike TV aired back in 2015. Specifically, I want to play King Tut (Avan Jogia) and I'm seeking his half-Sister and Wife, Ankhesenamun (Sibylla Deen). Not looking to glorify incest or play it as a kink, but to approach it in a tasteful manner. To anyone that hasn't seen the tv series, but would like to give playing Ankhe a shot, I'd be more than happy to provide you with links to the series so you can watch it. I can also provide a journal, already set up, for anyone that's seriously interested. :)

Please do not inquire if you plan on plotting with me and then vanishing. I want to ~actually~ write!
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[13 Jul 2018|10:29pm]


[info]zombielandmod is looking for ALL the fandom characters!!

Marvel! DCEU! TVD/TO! Teen Wolf! The 100! Buffy/Angel! Supernatural! Riverdale! Vampire Academy! Pretty Little Liars!

We accept all and any fandoms, bring your babes here! Here's a link to the Taken Pages and here's a link to the Wanted page!

Personally, I'm looking for a Melissa Glaser from The Secret Circle for bestie times. Come play!
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Now Open [13 Jul 2018|09:03pm]


[info]causatum is a new original character role play game, set in three locations on the West Coast of the US. Characters can be mutant or human, and are learning how to adjust to the new political climate of the mutant rights movement. But things are not exactly what they seem.
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[13 Jul 2018|12:52pm]


Gauging interest!

This world is not like the one you know. All the things you’ve imagined your whole life are real here. The year is 2018, and for a thousand years, all the beings you believe to be fantastical have lived side-by-side with humans, in time giving rise to a culture of heroes and villains that has become ingrained in the mainstream. Even many humans have developed abilities, or learned to use skills such as magic, that set them apart from normal people. Our tale begins when a super villain takes over a city, seceding from the rest of the United States and becoming an independent nation.

For most people, life didn’t change much, day-to-day. But with many vices including drugs, prostitution, and even slavery now legalized, many people have begun to explore options and see what life has in store. In a world full of elves, dwarves, magic and superpowers, what will you do? How will you react?

Please note: This is NOT a Fandom line. Original characters only please!
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[13 Jul 2018|04:44am]


Please check this post for plot wishes.
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[11 Jul 2018|08:22pm]


They married young, straight out of college and were incredibly happy for a while, but shes always been confused about her sexuality and having met her potential soul mate so young, never got the chance to experiment.
Skip forward a few years later and shes fallen head over heels in love with another woman, leaving him heartbroken and their marriage in tatters, but eventually everyone has to move on and he begins dating again.
A few months later, when hes had time to lick his wounds and the shine of her whirlwind romance had gone, they bump in to each other and strike up a friendship again.

I'd love to play the guy for this line using Jason Schwartzman as a PB, loads of different avenues we can take this down.

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